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Replaces "/./" in the request URI's path by "/".

Necessary, as old SOA model versions do not normalize URIs before requesting them. Our WSDLPublisher links to XSD Schemas using relative paths (as we want the links to work under any servlet's context root). The SOA model then combines " http://foo/material/ArticleService?wsdl " and "./ArticleService?xsd=1" to " http://foo/material/./ArticleService?xsd=1 ". This URI is sent to Membrane's new soapProxy which has configured a serviceProxy-path of "\Q/material/ArticleService\E.*" which does not match.

Can be used in

spring:beans, api, bean, if, interceptor, internalProxy, proxy, registration, request, response, serviceProxy, soapProxy, stompProxy, swaggerProxy, transport and wsStompReassembler