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Stores exchange objects in-memory until a memory threshold is reached. When the threshold is reached and new exchanges arrive then old exchanges will be dropped (starting from oldest ascending) until the exchange can be stored. The LimitedMemoryExchangeStore is the default ExchangeStore Membrane uses.

Can be used in

spring:beans, bean


				<limitedMemoryExchangeStore maxSize="1048576" id="es"/>

				<router exchangeStore="es">
				<!-- service proxy declarations here -->
Listing 1: limitedMemoryExchangeStore Syntax


Name Required Default Description Example
bodyExceedingMaxSizeStrategy false TRUNCATE The strategy to use (TRUNCATE or ERROR) when a HTTP message body is larger than the maxBodySize . TRUNCATE means that only the first bytes are kept in memory. ERROR means that HTTP requests exceeding this limit will cause an error and not be processed any further: If the request exceeds the limit, it will not be processed further; if the response exceeds the limit, it will not be processed further. ("Further processing" usually includes transmission over a network.)
maxBodySize false 100000

Maximum body size limit in bytes. If bodies are collected, which exceed this limit, the strategy determines, what happens.

maxSize false 1000000 Threshold limit in bytes until old exchanges are dropped. 1048576 (1Mb)