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Clients can send HTTP requests to a proxy that forward the request to a Web server. It acts onbehalf of the client.

Can be used in

spring:beans, bean and router


				<proxy name="string" 
Listing 1: proxy Syntax


				<proxy name="HTTP Proxy" port="3128" >
					<transform xslt="strip.xslt"/>
						<case xPath="//convert" url="http://www.thomas-bayer.com/axis2/" />
Listing 2: proxy Example


Name Required Default Description Example
blockRequest false false legacy attribute for usage by Membrane Monitor
blockResponse false false legacy attribute for usage by Membrane Monitor
ip false -
name false By default, a name will be automatically generated from the target host, port, etc. The name as shown in the Admin Console.
port false -

Child Elements

Position Cardinality Description Element
1 0..1 Configures the usage of inbound SSL (HTTPS). ssl or custom elements
2 0..* accessControl, accountRegistration, acmeHttpChallenge, adminConsole, analyser, apiKeyChecker, apiManagement, authHead2Body, balancer, basicAuthentication, beautifier, cache, clamav, clusterNotification, counter, dispatching, exchangeStore, formValidation, gatekeeper, graphQLProtection, groovy, groovyTemplate, headerFilter, http2xml, httpClient, if, index, interceptor, javascript, json2Xml, jsonPointerExtractor, jsonProtection, jwtAuth, kubernetesValidation, limit, log, logContext, login, methodOverride, ntlm, oauth2PermissionChecker, oauth2Resource, oauth2Resource2, oauth2authserver, prometheus, rateLimiter, regExReplacer, request, response, rest2Soap, return, reverseProxying, rewriter, routerIpResolver, ruleMatching, setHeader, shutdown, soap2Rest, soapOperationExtractor, soapStackTraceFilter, spdy, statisticsCSV, statisticsJDBC, statisticsProvider, stompClient, swaggerApiKeyRequirer, swaggerRewriter, switch, tcp, template, testService, throttle, tokenValidator, transform, urlNormalizer, userFeature, validator, wadlRewriter, webServer, webServiceExplorer, webSocket, wsdlPublisher, wsdlRewriter, xenAuthentication, xml2Json, xmlContentFilter, xmlProtection, xpathExtractor or custom elements