Membrane Service Proxy

Open Source API Gateway &

HTTP reverse proxy for REST & SOAP

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What is Membrane Service Proxy?

Membrane Service Proxy is an open source, reverse HTTP proxy and framework written in Java for REST and SOAP APIs, that can be used for:

Service Virtualization
Backend Security
HTTP based Integration
API Monitoring
OAuth2 SSO


SOAP to REST Gateway

Service Virtualization

Create service proxies for REST and SOAP Services

Authentication with OAuth2

Use Membrane Service Proxy as an authorization proxy for OAuth 2.0.

100% Java

Membrane is pure Java

Web Sockets Support

Route Web Sockets Connections and Stomp over your Firewall and intercept WebSocket connections


Can be deployed as Java Standalone, Web Application, Windows or Unix Service, OSGi Bundle, ...

Spring Support

Membrane integrates nicely with the Spring Framework:
-Spring based Configuration
-Extend Membrane using Spring
-Integrate Membrane into your Spring application
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Route HTTP from port 80 to port 8080:

<serviceProxy port="80">
  <target host="localhost" port="8080" />

Configures a proxy from WSDL:

<soapProxy wsdl=""/>

Add features like logging or XML Schema validation against a WSDL document:

<soapProxy wsdl="">
  <validator />
  <log />

Route from localhost on port 80 to on port 80 that adds an HTTP Header:

        exc.request.header.add("MY-HTTP-Header", "Request Header Data")
  <target host=""/>

Web Console

List of service proxys and call statistics

See who called what service

Get started

, unpack, start or service-proxy.bat, look at conf/proxies.xml.
Follow the SOAP or REST tutorials and look at the samples.
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