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List of Interceptors

Interceptors can modify or extend the behaviour of Membrane Monitor and Router. This page describes the interceptors that are included in the Membrane ESB and Monitor distribution.

EAI Patterns and Integration

Name Description Sample Projects
switch Routes messages by evaluating XPath expressions against the content.
transform An interceptor that can apply XSLT Transformations to the content of requests and responses. xslt
xmlContentFilter A content filter that removes elements from XML messages, based on an XPath expression.


Name Description Sample Projects
log Logs requests and responses. logging
statisticsCSV Logging access to CSV. logging-csv
statisticsJDBC Storing Exchange Statistics in a Database. logging-jdbc


Name Description Sample Projects
rest2Soap This interceptor can be used to map HTTP requests to SOAP operation calls. rest2soap
validator Validates SOAP messages by XML Schemas from a WSDL. soap-schema-validation
wsdlRewriter The WSDLInterceptor modifies the endpoint location and URLs of schema includes and imports.
wsdlPublisher The WSDLPublisher can be used to serve WSDLs, if your backend does not already do so.

Cloud Computing

Name Description Sample Projects
clusterNotification Allows managing clusters and nodes per REST API loadbalancer-client-2
balancer Distributs calls to several endpoints. Amazon Cloud Tutorial loadbalancer-basic-1


Name Description Sample Projects
counter Provides a mock Web page that counts the number of invocations. loadbalancer-basic-1

Security, XML Attack and DoS Protection

Name Description Sample Projects
accessControl Limits client access to resources based on an access control list. acl
basicAuthentication With the BasicAuthentictionInterceptor you can secure your services or Web pages by HTTP Basic Authentication. basic-auth
throttle Delays and limits the number of parallel requests. throttle
xmlProtection Protects against certain denial of service attacks based on XML "features".
soapStackTraceFilter Removes stack traces from SOAP messages.
headerFilter Removes HTTP headers from messages.
login Authorizes HTTP requests based on the general concept of a user data provider (for example, LDAP). Can serve to realize Single Sign On.
oauth2Resource Authorizes HTTP requests based on the RFC6749 OAuth 2.0 framework. Different communication schemes between the authorization server and Membrane (protecting the resource server) can be plugged in. An adapter for communication with Google's authorization servers is provided. Can serve to realize Single Sign On. (Follow the tutorial.)
rateLimiter Limits the number of requests in a given interval. rateLimiter


Name Description Sample Projects
adminConsole Provides a Web Console to manage and monitor the router online.
dispatching Dispatches requests to target hosts.
exchangeStore The FileExchangeStore saves all captured messages to disk. file-exchangestore
ruleMatching Dispatches incoming requests to rules.


Name Description Sample Projects
groovy Executes Groovy scripts. groovy
index Lists all services available through the proxy.
regexReplacer Replaces parts of the body.
rewriter An interceptor that can rewrite URLs that are matched by an regular expression. regex-url-rewriter
webServer Provides simple Web Server functionality.

Sample Projects

You will find the sample projects in the %MEMBRANE_HOME%/examples directory.