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The index feature lists available proxys at a simple Web page. To use this feature just add a serviceProxy containing the index element. Of course you can protect the service proxy by using SSL or Username and Password.

Can be used in

spring:beans, api, bean, if, interceptor, internalProxy, proxy, registration, request, response, serviceProxy, soapProxy, stompProxy, swaggerProxy, transport and wsStompReassembler


				<index />
Listing 1: index Syntax


The last service proxy will provide the index page.

				<serviceProxy >
						<path isRegExp="true">/a/</path>
						<target host="a.server.local" />

				<!-- provides and index page at http://localhost:5000 -->

				<serviceProxy port="5000">
						<index />
Listing 2: Listing available services using the index interceptor