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This interceptor adds the destination specified in the target element to the list of destinations of the exchange object. It must be placed into the transport to make Service Proxies Work properly. It has to be placed after the ruleMatching interceptor. The ruleMatching interceptor looks up a service proxy for an incoming request and places it into the exchange object. The dispatching interceptor needs the service proxy to get information about the target.

Can be used in

spring:beans, api, bean, if, interceptor, internalProxy, proxy, registration, request, response, serviceProxy, soapProxy, stompProxy, swaggerProxy, transport and wsStompReassembler


				<dispatching />
Listing 1: dispatching Syntax


					<transport coreThreadPoolSize="20">
						<ruleMatching />
						<dispatching />
						<userFeature />
						<httpClient />
Listing 2: dispatching Example