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WSDL Diff Command Line Tool

Compares two WSDL document and shows an HTML report listing the differences.

How to Use

wsdldiff <<original wsdl>> <<modified wsdl>> [<<output directory>>]

Running this command will generate an HTML report in the given output directory.

If the output directory is not given, it will be 'diff-report' per default.


To run a sample wsdl diff just go to soa-model-distribution-1.4.x\samples\diff and double click on wsdl-diff-sample.bat . This will compare two different versions of article.wsdl from the diff folder. To see the result open 'diff-report.html' from wsdl-diff-output in a web browser.

Alternatively you can use the following command to run the comparison from the command line:

C:\soa-model-distribution-1.4.X\samples\diff>wsdldiff original\article.wsdl modified\article.wsdl

or compare documents online using wsdldiff with HTTP URL:

C:\>wsdldiff http://www.predic8.de/diff/original/article.wsdl http://www.predic8.de/diff/modified/article.wsdl

The HTML result will look like the following screenshot.

WSDL Diff ResultWSDL Diff Result

Online WSDL Diff Tool

Test the Diff tool online. WSDL Analyzer compares different versions of uploaded WSDL documents.