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Schem Diff Comand Line Tool

Using this tool you can compare two schema documents and see the difference as a HTML report.

How to Use

schemadiff <<first schema>> <<second schema>> [<<output directory>>]

You can indicate the schema documents as a local file or as an URL on a server.

Running this command will generate an HTML report in the given output directory.

If the output directory is not given, it will be 'diff-report' per default.


To run a sample schema diff just go to soa-model-distribution-1.4.x\samples\diff and double click on schema-diff-sample.bat . This will compare two different versions of article.xsd from the diff folder. To see the result open 'diff-report.html' from schema-diff-output in a web browser.

Alternatively you can use the following command to run the comparison from the command line:

C:\soa-model-distribution-1.4.X>bin\schemadiff samples\diff\original\article.xsd samples\diff\modified\article.xsd schema-diff-output

The HTML result will look like the following screenshot.

Schema Diff Tool