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The telekomSMSTokenProvider randomly generates a 6-digit token after the user entered her correct password.

The token is then sent to the user via text message. The user's attribute sms is used as the recipient phone number. If this attribute has not been provided by the user data provider , the login attempt fails.

The text message is sent via Deutsche Telekom's developer garden REST API. To use this API, a registered user account with sufficient balance is necessary and the Send SMS API has to be enabled for this account. Membrane Service Proxy must be registered as an "application" on the developer garden website, and the "Global SMS API" must be enabled both for the user account as well as the registered application. Once completed, the scope , clientId and clientSecret settings must be copied from the website into Membrane's proxies.xml configuration file. Membrane uses these three parameters to identify itself when connecting to the Telekom API Gateway.

When using a non-standard environment (see https://www.developergarden.com/apis/documentation/bundle/telekom-api-rest/html/sendsms.html#environmental_infos for more information), the parameters senderName and senderAddress may be used to set the SMS sender address and name.

The token is prepended by prefixText to generate the text message's text.

If normalizeTelephoneNumber is set, the user's sms attribute will be normalized according to the following rules before using it:

Can be used in

bean and login


Listing 1: telekomSMSTokenProvider Syntax


           prefixText="Token: "
           normalizeTelephoneNumber="true" />
Listing 2: telekomSMSTokenProvider Example


Name Required Default Description Example
clientId true - The clientId assigned to you by developergarden.com .
clientSecret true - The clientSecret assigned to you by developergarden.com .
environment false budget The environment (program name) you are paying for on developergarden.com . premium
prefixText false "Token: " A string that will be prepended to the token when creating the text message. "Token: "
scope true - The scope assigned to you by developergarden.com .
senderAddress false - The sender address (telephone number) of the text messages. May only be set, if you are a member of the premium program on developergarded.com .
senderName false - The sender name of the text messages. May only be set, if you are a member of the premium program on developergarded.com .
simulate false - Don't send any text messages, only write tokens to the log.


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