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The emailTokenProvider randomly generates a 6-digit token after the user entered her correct password.

The token is then sent to the user via email. The user's attribute email is used as the recipient email address. If this attribute has not been provided by the user data provider , the login attempt fails.

The email is sent using the SMTP protocol via the smtpHost . Optionally, ssl and smptPort can be set to configure the type of connection. Optionally, smtpUser and smtpPassword can be used to use sender authentification.

The email is assembled using sender , recipient , subject and body . All of these values may contain properties in the form of ${propertyname} .

The properties will be replaced by the corresponding user attributes set by the user data provider , or token will be replaced by the numeric token value.

Can be used in

bean and login


		<login location="../examples/login/dialog/" path="/login/">
				<user username="john" password="secret" email="john@example.com"/>
				subject="Login System Token"
				body="Some test text and the token: ${token}" />
Listing 1: emailTokenProvider Example


Name Required Default Description Example
body true - the email body (templated)
recipient true - the recipient email address (templated)
sender true - the sender email address (templated)
simulate false - don't actually send emails, if set to true
smtpHost true - SMTP host
smtpPassword false - the SMTP password to use for sender authentication
smtpPort false 25 the SMTP port to use
smtpUser false don't authenticate SMTP user to use for sender authentication
ssl false true whether to use SMTP over SSL
subject true - the email subject (templated)


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