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Professional Support

Our support plans are made to help you designing, developing, deploying and operating solutions based on Membrane software.

Support Plans

Free Silver Gold
Public Mailing List
Private email support
Phone support
Screen Sharing
Emergency Bug Fixes


Free Silver Gold
Membrane API Gateway - 850 USD / 800 Euro 3.900 USD / 3.700 Euro

All prices per year in USD or EUR plus VAT taxes

Contact our sales representatives to order a support package or in case of any questions. Call +49 228 5552576-0 or send an email to info@predic8.com.

The professional support plans are for end-user companies. If you are integrating Membrane SOA software into your products please ask for our OEM support.

Terms of Support

  1. Technical Support:
    Customers can send questions and issues. The issues are analysed and solved if possible.
  2. Bug fixing:
    If any issue requires a bug fix, it is up to predic8 to decide if the bug should be fixed. If a bug is fixed it will be available in the next bug fix release. Our goal is to provide a bugfix release within hours. But this is not always possible.
  3. Application Development:
    Custom application development is not included in the support plans. But of course we can offer you that if wanted.