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Starting the Web Console

Want to know what your router is doing? Get usage statistics and information about deployed service proxies by logging onto the Web console. The console shows registered service proxies and proxies with their configured interceptors. In addition, creating and deleting proxies can be achieved easily with the web interface.

Web Console Listing serviceProxies

Figure1: Web Console Showing serviceProxy Configurations and Statistics

Detailed statistics can be found by following the links: The number of requests is broken down into status codes on the sub-pages.

Proxy Details Page Showing Status Codes of Handled Requests

Figure2: Proxy Details Page Showing Status Codes of Handled Requests

In addition the console gives you information about the system and the interceptors that are engaged with the transport. Finally, the Web console gives you an easy way to configure clusters for the load balancing feature.

Starting the Web Console

The default configuration of the Router and Monitor already includes an installed Web Console. You can open the Web console from your local machine with the following URL:


Login with username admin and password membrane

Installing the Web console

To install a Web console, simply add an adminConsole element to a serviceProxy. Then you can open the Web console with the following URL:

http://localhost:[Listening port of the serviceProxy]/admin

Securing the Web Console

Access to the console is limited by default to the local machine. Security is provided by the basicAuthentication and accessControl interceptors.