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Monitor Service Proxies with Prometheus

Membrane Service Proxy collects statistics for your services proxies. These statistics can be made available with Membranes Prometheus interceptor. The collected statistics are consumable by the Prometheus ecosystem out of the box.

        order_api_code_307_count 1
        order_api_code_307_min 6 ms
        order_api_code_307_max 6 ms
        order_api_code_307_avg 6 ms
        order_api_code_404_count 1
        order_api_code_404_min 3 ms
        order_api_code_404_max 3 ms
        order_api_code_404_avg 3 ms
        order_api_code_200_count 18
        order_api_code_200_min 3 ms
        order_api_code_200_max 60 ms
        order_api_code_200_avg 26.778 ms
        prometheus_monitoring_code_200_count 14
        admin_console_code_200_count 110
        admin_console_code_200_min 0 ms
        admin_console_code_200_max 47 ms
        admin_console_code_200_avg 4.736 ms
Listing 1: Prometheus interceptor output

Listing 1 shows an example output of the Prometheus interceptor.

Setup Prometheus Monitoring

Setting up monitoring for Prometheus is easy. Have a look at the configuration in listing 2.

        <serviceProxy name="Prometheus Monitoring" port="8080">
Listing 2: Configuration to collect statistics

With this configuration monitoring data is served on localhost:8080/prometheus. The interceptor chain will not continue beyond this interceptor as it returns the collected data directly.

Help needed?

Do you need any help? Then contact us using the Membrane Google Group or send an email to membrane@predic8.com.