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Installing Comand Line Tools

To run the samples you do not have to install anything. Just download and extract the zip file and double click on the batch files. For more information see the README.

You can also use the commandline tools from where you have extracted the soa-model-distribution-1.X.Y.zip and compare any WSDL or schema document without any installation. To run the commands from any path install the program with the following steps:


  1. Download Membrane SOA Model 1.X.Y and extract the zip file.
  2. Add a new environment variable "SOA_MODEL_HOME" to your system, which points to where SOA Model is extracted.
  3. Add "%SOA_MODEL_HOME%\bin" to your system path.
  4. Now you can open a commandline and run the tools.

  5. Example:

    C:\soa-model-distribution-1.4.0>wsdldiff original.wsdl modified.wsdl