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Membrane Service Proxy

is an reverse HTTP proxy and framework written in Java, licensed under the ASF 2.0 Open Source License, that can be used to:

  • create service proxies out of SOAP and REST services
  • integrate services over HTTP
  • expose internal services to the internet
  • secure services
  • convert Web Services to REST resources

Follow the SOAP and REST tutorials or have a look at the examples to get started.


Hosting virtual REST services is easy:

			<serviceProxy port="80">
				<target host="www.thomas-bayer.com" />

By default SOAP proxies configure themselves from WSDL:

			<soapProxy wsdl="http://thomas-bayer.com/axis2/services/BLZService?wsdl">

A console shows all details of the configuration, statistics and recent requests:

Membrane ESB Admin Web Console

Follow the SOAP Quick Start Guide to learn how to use a soapProxy, XML Schema validation and SOAP Stack Trace Filtering.

What's new in 3.5

Using the default configuration, there is a new "Calls" tab in the admin console. You can inspect the latest requests and responses that passed through Membrane. You can filter and sort by many criteria, and drill down to inspect every detail of each request.

Membrane ESB Admin Web Console Calls Tab

Using the new SOAP Explorer (automatically activated by using soapProxy) together with the new index interceptor (an overview of all proxied services), clients can comfortably browse the available Web Services, look at the list of operations, investigate data structures and retrieve templates for SOAP requests.

Membrane Service Proxy SOAP Explorer


SOA Features

  • Rewriting of endpoints and schemaLocations in WSDL
  • Web Services Loadbalancing
  • Validates SOAP messages against WSDL


Find tutorials, references and step by step explanations in the documentation.

Problems and Support

You can browse the Membrane Monitor Mailing List at Google Groups. Post any questions, feature requests and feedback to the list. A subscription is not needed for posting. You also can get commercial support for the Membrane products.


The Membrane Service Proxy software is provided under the terms of the Apache License Version 2.0. The software contains external components and libraries. See the notice regarding external components in the distribution archives..

Free Download

Download Membrane Service Proxy 4.0.18

Download Membrane Service Proxy 4.1.0 (experimental)

Quickstart Guides

Setup SOAP Service Proxies or REST Proxies in 10 minutes.

Membrane Service Proxy 4.1.0: More features, a focus on security 08/18/15

Membrane Service Proxy 4.1.0 tries to support the user in setting up a secure server, which is up to date with today's security standards. Together with a Java 8 runtime and an official, recently bought SSL certificate, the Membrane's default configuration gets an 'A' rating on the widely used testing site ssllabs.com.

New REST Router Quickstart Guide 01/16/15

To offer you an easy introduction into creating a service proxy for a REST API, we revised the REST Router Quickstart Tutorial!

Membrane Service Proxy 4.0.18: Workaround SSLv3 POODLE vulnerability 11/07/14

Membrane Service Proxy 4.0.18 works around the SSLv3 POODLE vulnerability within the Java VM software stack by disabling support for SSLv3. Doing this is usually not a problem in production, as server/client implementations nowadays usually use TLS instead of SSL.

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