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Membrane API Gateway as a a JBoss Service

Membrane Service Proxy can be installed as a JBoss Service providing the following benefits:

Getting the MBean for the Service Proxy and installing it in JBoss requires the following steps:

1. Get the SAR

Download the .sar file from http://repository.membrane-soa.org/index.html#nexus-search;quick~service-proxy-sar or checkout the source from https://github.com/membrane/service-proxy/ and build it yourself.

2. Deploying the SAR in JBoss

Copy the service-proxy-4.0.7.sar archive into the JBoss deployment directory located at


Take a look at the logs of JBoss and you will notice that the router have been started. To test the router open the following URL in your browser:


Hint: If the router doesn't start make sure that the port 2000 is not bound by another application.

Configuring the Service Proxy

The Service Proxy is configured in the proxies.xml file. It is located in the SAR archive. To open the archive, simply rename it into a zip file (e.g. service-proxy-4.0.7.zip). A description how to modify the configuration files can be found here.